Character: Valliard Ōdoho

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Character: Valliard Ōdoho

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黄土歩 Earthstrider 黄土歩
Personal Profile

Name: Valliard Ōdoho
Gender: Male
Birthday: 18th September, X864. Your character's age should come from this. Check out Horologium to the right of the page to see the current year.
Age: 37

Personality Profile

Personality: Valliard is a sturdy member of the guild. He is very meaningful and quite patient, but this oftentimes leads to slower conversation than many are used to. However, his wit in both verbal and physical spars is invaluable. He has a calculative demeanour, and will study his opponent or allies before truly engaging them. He does have some sense of humour and a great level of tolerance, but it is not to be trifled with, as the roar of Valliard is like that of an earthquake - it commands undue attention and is not to be ignored. He not only demands respect, but is also a rather likable character.
Drive: Valliard is driven by a sense of duty to the guild, and by the concept that even though the sand may change, the rock beneath stays unbroken.
Fear: Valliard fears secrets. He knows everyone has them, including himself. It is what people do with secrets that he fears the most, having found this out the hard way in his earlier years. Valliard is also very wary of ignorance.
Likes: Valliard enjoys the feel of the earth. He will often pause what he is doing and listen to the vibrations below. He also likes getting into debate and verbal sparring.
Dislikes: Valliard is not one for excessive idle chatter. He also has a slight dislike for impatient people.

Appearance Profile

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 97kg
Hair: White.
Eyes: Brown.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Valliard has a long, thin, red scar over his right eye. It stretches from his forehead to the middle of his cheek. He also has a shorter scar on his left cheek.
General Appearance: Underneath his multiple layers of clothing, Valliard wears a white dress shirt, over which is worn a green vest. Inside a pocket of his vest is a silver and gold pocketwatch. His pants are a lightweight black dress pant, which the shirt and vest tuck into. Around his nceck, Valliard is always wearing a red cravat, which goes down to the bottom of the chest. Over the top of the rest, he wears a black coat, trimmed with gold and with a high collar. The back of his collar is hardly ever seen, as his long, flowing white hair cascades around his head. It does not impede his face, for he has a natural part in the middle of his head. He is the slightest bit pale, and his deep brown eyes are framed by black-framed square glasses - tinted green. Standing at six foot three, he is not a built man, having a rather slender appearance. Yet beneath all the clothes, he has superb muscle tone and definition. He always carries around a pouch of dirt, which he usually conceals in his coat.

Guild Profile

Guild: Fairy Tail Fairy Tail.
Tattoo Location: Valliard's guild insignia is located on his left shoulderblade. Few have seen him without several layers of fashionable clothes on, but his tattoo is deep green in colour.
Rank: Cardinal Mage (C Rank).

Magic Profile

Magic: Earth Magic.
Magic Type: Caster.
Description: Earth mages use the various forms of earth around them for both offense and defense. They can use this to harden or soften the earth around them, as well as freely shape and control it. The earth can even take on the strength and properties of metal if the user is skilled enough. Earth mages can also travel through the ground, as if swimming or drilling through it. It is even possible for them to transform into earth for travel or offense.
Strengths: Earth Magic is strong against and immune to Water Magic, giving Valliard an advantage over any water elementalists. The various things they can do with the earth make Earth Magic one of the most flexible branches of caster magic.
Weaknesses: Since iron is stronger than earth and has more blunt force, earth magic would be weak against steel magic due to their physical properties. Earth magic can also be slow, especially when larger objects are being moved. Earth magic would also be weak against Dissassembly and Gravity Magic.

Historical Record

History: Valliard Ōdoho was raised at a very young age by a master Earth elementalist. As his student, Valliard was taught the basic skills needed in life, and mastery over the most solid and eternal element - Earth. This was the forming of his name, Ōdoho: Earthstrider. His abilities range in many ways, with him being able to create and earth in many different forms. However, once his training was complete, his master left Valliard alone in the world.

Initially upset, Valliard soon began to see this as a test set by his master, to see how capable he is in the world. Travelling the world under the guise of a mercenary mage, he encountered many guilds, from savoury to unsavoury and in between, as well as non-magical folk who despised him on sight. But to him, the greatest guild and most respectable was the Fairy Tail guild.

Thus, Valliard joined Fairy Tail as a gifted Earth Mage at the age of 12. After six years, he competed in the S-Rank trials and was unsuccessful. In that time, Valliard met a woman by the name of Mirillia - an incredibly talented earth mage herself. The two were perfect for each other - their magic, their personalities - everything seemed to line up for them. They joined as an incredible duo, Rampant Quake. A formidable duo of the two earth users, trumping many an enemy. But most of all, it trumped his heart. Their connection was so great, Valliard even let her in on a groundbreaking secret. Although shocked, Mirillia accepted who he was, and if anything it just made them a better couple and better team.

At the age of 23, it happened. His secret was discovered by one other, a sinister dark guild member. And when it was, the man spent every resource attempting to capture and convert him to his side. But when it became clear sheer force would not work, the devious one was able to strike where Valliard was weakest. And thus Mirillia was kidnapped, tortured and used to lure Valliard in. Not wanting to share his truth to anyone else, he took on the man alone, venturing there to free Mirillia. However, in the events that took place, the tragedy was immense. It became very clear that Valliard would not join the dark guild. And realising this, Mirillia was tortured and murdered before his very eyes. Expecting the emotional blow to mentally cripple him, the dark guildmaster made his mistake.

Unleashing his power on the entire guild, he brought it down around their heads as his anger and wounded heart drove him to become cruel, unforgiving and as solid as the timeless earth. Nothing would faze him, and nothing would stop him. Valliard walked away from a pile of dust and rubble, carrying the body of Mirillia in his arms...

From that day on, he vowed never to hide things. Though he still could not fully trust others, he would never let his guard down about it. He saw it as the reason Mirillia was killed. He also never became as close to anyone, for fear of letting information slip. Over the years, the events slipped into history, and Valliard would move on. His memories of Mirillia still haunted him, but he was able to counter it, instead getting on with helping the guild, and through it others, to never experience the pain he went through.


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