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Rules: Character Rules

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Character Rules

The following are rules that must be followed while creating and roleplaying as your character.

1. Your character may not be a canon character, have the same name as a canon character or be related to a canon character. Of course, if there is a storyline that requires something related to a canon character, you will be notified and there may be a chance for you to fill this requirement.

2. You must create a character and have it approved before posting in the RP as the character. This is a vital rule, and one of the most strictly enforced. If your character is not approved, do not post. If it is declined, you will be notified why. If you feel that you were incorrectly denied or wish to discuss/appeal a character's rejection, please inform a moderator or admin. If your character is denied, and you wish to resubmit it with the appropriate alterations, create a new thread. Do not attempt to edit a rejected post.

3. If you wish to use magic, you must have it approved. This can be achieved in the database forum, Magic Register section. You are not allowed to use an unapproved or rejected magic/spell. Of course, you must have an approved character before you attempt to register their magic.

4. Custom items, weapons and armours follow the same rules as above. They must be approved before use. Some items can be bought at one of the Shops for Jewels. Many custom items must also require a certain amount of Jewels to be approved. That Jewel balance will be deducted from your balance if the item is approved.

5. Once your new item, weapon or spell has been approved, you should not bring it into a thread your character is currently active in. If your character joins a new thread, then you are eligible to use the new item. This is to prevent 'pulling a weapon from your ass' in an active topic (the item can't just suddenly be there halfway through an action).

6. Your character is not allowed any NPC companions or pets, unless they are given to you on a special occasion by an Administrator or Mod (for example, an event/contest reward from the staff).

7. Your character's rank is determined by various factors: activity, participation, missions completed, guild status. You may not self-promote or proclaim to be something you are not (unless it is IC bragging/lying).

8. Your character may not be in more than three topics in the same area. For example, your character may only be active in your Guild Building and the Park. We do not want to restrict you to one topic at a time, but your character can not realistically be in too many places at once. If you want to go to another town, for example, you will have to leave all current threads and then make a travel post (walking, train or boat, if available).

If you follow the above rules, the RP will run smoothly and we can all enjoy ourselves that much more.


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