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Weapons - Blades

Post  Valliard on Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:22 am

Various weapons of all shapes and sizes are arrayed neatly around the shop. Browsing through the various racks and stands, certain items catch the eye...


Item Name: Basic Falchion.
Item Classification: Sword.
Affinity: None.
Ability: Light sword.
Minimum Usage Rank: D
Cost: 1700
Inventory (IV) Space: 2

Item Name: Barbaric Scimitar
Item Classification: Sword.
Affinity: None.
Ability: Single-edged blade.
Minimum Usage Rank: C
Cost: 3000
Inventory (IV) Space: 3

Item Name: Collapsible Katana
Item Classification: Sword.
Affinity: None.
Ability: The katana has the ability to collapse into several metal folds, varying the blade length.
Minimum Usage Rank: B
Cost: 10000
Inventory (IV) Space: 3

Item Name: Sanguine Thorn
Item Classification: Sword.
Affinity: Earth Magic.
Ability: The Sanguine Thorn's blade is made of an earthy sand, compacted with magic. The sand can be reshaped into various forms, as well as become almost intangible for feints.
Minimum Usage Rank: A
Cost: 17000
Inventory (IV) Space: 5


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