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Personal Profile

Name: Sei Yajūtsukai
Gender: Male
Birthday: 18th of May, X864
Age: 37

Personality Profile

Personality: Sei is a man who enjoys control. Not necessarily power - merely the control he gains from it. Because of this, he is not a very good conversationalist in many aspects. But what he excels at is indeed controlling a conversation. He can use personas like others would a mask - sliding one on to get what he wants, when he wants. It is this nature that his true control can be asserted through. In addition, he has the ability of telepathy, able to transmit his thoughts to others. Due to his controlling nature, this can allow him to subtly use this telepathy to impress his ideals unto others, using the telepathy as an aide for his coercion. Underneath the persona is a rather cold, though not necessarily distanced man. He is incredibly fond of his beasts, and sometimes prefers their company to the 'stench' of mankind. He derives sick pleasure from perverse mindgames. He is very adaptive and quick-witted, and will always try to think several steps ahead of a person, all the while watching and learning how they work.
Drive: Sei wishes to bring people, beasts, and through them, magic under his control. It is the only way he operates - he gets his desires through manipulation.
Fear: Sei has a great fear of being outmaneouvred and manipulated. Since he is always at least one step ahead of others (or so he thinks), and loves to be the one manipulating, he is mortally afraid of being under someone elses control.
Likes: Manipulating, lying, getting his way, control. He prefers beasts over humans.
Dislikes: Losing control, being manipulated, other people.

Appearance Profile

Height: 6'6"
Weight: 77kg
Hair: White.
Eyes: Teal.
Distinguishing Characteristics: His ears are tapered to an abnormally prominant point, and his fingernails are always long and almost talon-like.
General Appearance: Sei always wears a multi-layered black ensamble of cloaks and armoured pieces. He wears a black leather cuirass, fastened at the neck and to his waist by two thick black belts. His pants are jet black dress pants - flexible enough to fight in, but formal enough to cut an imposing figure. Over the top he wears a long black coat, high in the collar and with demon-winged cuffs. The bottom of his cloak is ragged and torn, and it is almost always open.His hair is long and straight, falling both behind his neck and around his face. His ears poke through thehair, giving him an almost elven appearance. When particularly riled, his eyes can faintly glow.

Guild Profile

Guild: Magic Council.
Tattoo Location: N/A.
Rank: B Rank.

Magic Profile

Magic: Chained Beast Magic
Magic Type: Caster
Description: This magic is a very precise magic - it is not a blanket magic, nor does it allow a range of abilities to the caster. Instead, this magic relies on the mage's own knowledge on the trapping of beasts, and using them as puppets through magic chains that are neither purely magic nor purely physical.

This magic allows the user to chain beasts and animated creatures, locking their souls to their own through magical chains, allowing them total dominion over the beast. This allows the user to control the beasts in battle, using all the abilities and strengths, as well as weaknesses, that come with them. All the while, the beasts are tied to the chains and thus the caster. Their every will becomes that of the master - every attack another of his vicious blows.

When the user is to call upon a chained beast, they will cast their chains forward and draw the beast's soul into a physical form. Thus, attached to the caster, the chained beasts must follow their every will. Because their existence is reliant on the magical links, if said chains are broken, the chained soul is unable to have a physical form. When this happens, the user must re-chain the beast into existence.
Strengths: The chains are not a physical thing, instead a magical link between souls. Thus the chains are not so easily broken. Beasts are not gone for good when destroyed or severed, they can eventually be recalled. The user can take over summoned spirits and even objects animated by Doll Magic.
Weaknesses: If the magical, incorporeal chains are somehow broken, the creature can not exist in the physical form. If a creature is defeated, its soul also loses its physical form and is unstable for a period, and thus can not be utilised again immediately. The user can not chain human souls.

Historical Record

History: Nobody knows exactly where Sei was born, or who his parents were. They were speculated to be guildless mercenaries or bandits. Even Sei does not know fully who they were. All he knew was that he had to keep training to be better than everyone else. That ideal was beaten into him at a young age. His magic was rather unique - he could chain souls of beasts, and control them, make them his to command.

It started on small creatures - rodents and insects. They were small enough for a young Sei to capture quite easily. He loved the way they obeyed, how they made him feel in control. And so he started hunting bigger things, proving himself. It would seem Sei was too eager to master his power...

His parents realised how strong he was, what he could do, what he could possibly do to them. They feared their own son. Of course, Sei did not care. Fear was for the lesser beings, not one such as himself. It would be in due course that Sei would leave his parents for good.

After escaping the life his parents lived, Sei was truly free. He began to think about how not only the beasts he controlled worked, but people too. With his goal set on learning how to master people, Sei travelled to the more populated areas of Fiore. Places abundant in people. People he could persuade, manipulate. A few solid years on the street are what it took for Sei to be a cunning, intelligent manipulator.

From there, his life was only smooth sailing. He was never denied what he wanted. He had his words, his persona, his subtlety. And if they failed, he had his link to souls. In his years, he developed his power, and also developed something new altogether: he developed the ability of telepathy. Nothing too subtle. Only enough for the merest prod in the right direction. A sliver of information vital to breaking a man down.

And so he managed to gain more power, more control. He revelled in the slowly healing chaos of the land, and was elected into the Magic Council. From his position, he has always held himself back, waiting for something.

RP Sample

The sun was setting low over the shadow-cast streets of Era. The Magic Council Headquarters, which hours earlier had been a flurry of movement, was almost deathly silent. There were no guards, no convicts and certainly no councillors. The sun dipped lower in the pale orange sky. Most of Era had already embraced the darkness, holding it tightly until the sun rose high the next day. Still there was no movement. The Council Building seemed to be holding its breathe, waiting eagerly.

Almost an hour had passed, and the sounds of a bell cracked across the silence like a whip. With each booming toll, the darkness seemed to shimmer, as if afraid of what the bell would call forth. As the seventh toll echoed into oblivion, a dark-cloaked figure stepped out of the Council building. The high arches of the gates were empty and dark, for no moon shone on this night. The figure stepped away from the gates, his stiff walk not enough to hide an anticipation that ate at him from within. The cloud parted for a brief moment, and a ray of pale moonlight fell across Sei Yajutsukai’s pale face. His white hair seemed to shine in the moonlight, almost luminescent. Sei hesitated at this, unsure whether to embrace the warped and convoluted shadows mere steps away, or to bask in the rare beam of moonlight on a miserable night. A cruel smile flickered onto his face as he pondered this. Sei had never missed a to embrace anything warped and twisted, be it a man’s mind or a shadow.

Without even looking at the luminous orb that had broken through the clouds to see the world, Sei stepped out of the moonlight, and into his domain. He did not stop again, only walked on towards his next deed. The night was only beginning, and already the city was a maze of shadows, deceit and hidden dangers. It was in this that Sei found the irony.

“Only by embracing the darkness can the true face be seen. The warped and twisted mystery of the world, of the mind, is right here. Where nobody will dare to look,” he muttered, his voice a soft, cold whisper on the wind.


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