Magic: Valliard Odoho's Earth Magic

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Magic: Valliard Odoho's Earth Magic

Post  Valliard on Fri Apr 06, 2012 11:53 am

Magic: Earth Magic.
Magic Type: Caster.
Description: Earth mages use the various forms of earth around them for both offense and defense. They can use this to harden or soften the earth around them, as well as freely shape and control it. The earth can even take on the strength and properties of metal if the user is skilled enough. Earth mages can also travel through the ground, as if swimming or drilling through it. It is even possible for them to transform into earth for travel or offense.
Strengths: Earth Magic is strong against and immune to Water Magic, giving Valliard an advantage over any water elementalists. The various things they can do with the earth make Earth Magic one of the most flexible branches of caster magic.
Weaknesses: Since iron is stronger than earth and has more blunt force, earth magic would be weak against steel magic due to their physical properties. Earth magic can also be slow, especially when larger objects are being moved. Earth magic would also be weak against Dissassembly and Gravity Magic.

Spell: Diver
Element: Earth
Requirement(s): An earthen or metallic body nearby.
Spell Effect: The caster has the ability to dive through an earthen or metallic surface as if it was not there, and be able to essentially dig through to another location
Min. Rank: D

Spell: Liquid Ground
Element: Earth.
Requirement(s): An earthen body nearby.
Spell Effect: The caster uses their earth magic to turn an earthen body from a solid to a liquid.
Min. Rank: C

Spell: Iron Rock Formation
Element: Earth
Spell Effect: The caster uses their earth magic to create formations of earth. These can be in the shapes of walls, pillars, spikes and many others. These formations still have some connection with the earthen body they were formed from.
Min. Rank: D

Spell: Earth Avalanche
Element: Earth.
Requirement(s): An earthen body nearby.
Spell Effect: The caster is able to direct earth using their earth magic, to throw chunks of rock, earth, cement etc. at an enemy. The more guidance and energy, the larger the number of projectiles that cna be thrown at once.
Min. Rank: C

Spell: Earth Shape
Element: Earth
Requirement(s): An earthen body nearby AND an object for the magic to be shaped onto
Spell Effect: The caster channels their earth magic into an earthen body, which is then directed over an object, body part or even whole person. This object is required to give the base structure. The object or body is now shaped over the object in many different forms (e.g. Sharp point, hammer hand coating, spiked earth-coated apple etc.)
Min. Rank: C

One Spell reserved.


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