Weapons - Maces

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Weapons - Maces

Post  Valliard on Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:03 am

Various weapons of all shapes and sizes are arrayed neatly around the shop. Browsing through the various racks and stands, certain items catch the eye...


Item Name: Turkeybane
Item Classification: Club.
Affinity: None.
Ability: Larger accuracy for small targets.
Minimum Usage Rank: D
Cost: 1500
Inventory (IV) Space: 3

Item Name: Nightstick.
Item Classification: Club
Affinity: None.
Ability: Lightweight club.
Minimum Usage Rank: D
Cost: 2500
Inventory (IV) Space: 1

Item Name: Rune Knight's Mace
Item Classification: Mace
Affinity: None.
Ability: Drains a very small amount of magical energy upon contact.
Minimum Usage Rank: C
Cost: 5000
Inventory (IV) Space: 3

Item Name: Dark Dawnstar
Item Classification: Mace
Affinity: Darkness.
Ability: The Darkness Magic has the ability to devour and degrade objects.
Minimum Usage Rank: B
Cost: 10000
Inventory (IV) Space: 4


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