Rules: Roleplay Rules and Terms

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Rules: Roleplay Rules and Terms

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Roleplay Rules

The below are the rules that are associated with the roleplay, and roleplaying in general.

1. Refrain from using one-liners. Your roleplay should consist of detailed and descriptive writing, and be at least one to two paragraphs long (a paragraph is usually three (3) sentences or more). Proper paragraphing makes everything much neater and clearer to read - massive blocks of text are frowned upon. If you are in a hurry or can not think of something detailed, it may be better to wait a while or come back to it when you have the time or inspiration.

2. If you need to say something Out of Character, use appropriate indicators, such as (( and )). However, it is requested that you stay in character as much as possible.

3. Be sure to use proper sentence structure and grammar. This includes "quotation marks" (e.g "I'm hungry," Mark said) for speech. Please refrain from writing your speech like a script (e.g Mark: I'm hungry).

4. Do not metagame. Metagaming is using something (such as knowledge or information) that is OOC whilst In Character. This also applies for unapproved weapons, items being used. As a further extension, making things such as a getaway vehicle or escape route suddenly appear is also considered metagaming.

Example: You may know, from reading someone's character profile, their age. Unless your character has some valid ability to determine this, then your character would not know unless told In Character.

5. No godmodding. This includes controlling other characters, always hitting when in a fight, your character never getting hurt or tired.

6. You may not use any magic, item or weapon that has not been approved, bought or created through the shop or item registration.

Roleplay Terms

IC: In Character
OOC: Out of character
Canon: The original source material, e.g. anime where the characters and/or world came from.
Godmodding: Where a character does something they are not capable of or do not have permission to do to another character (e.g. moving another character without the other player's input or permission).
Metagaming: Bringing OOC knowledge into an IC situation (e.g. knowing that a character is 34 years old, when it has never been mentioned, and your character has no basis for knowing this fact).
NPC: Non-player Character. A character that is not controlled by any one person, or not important enough to be a player character. It is able to be used by any player, and generally only for a certain situation.
PC: Player Character. A character that is owned and controlled by a player. Only the player can control the actions of their player character.
Mary-Sue: A character that defies the 'rules'. The character is incredibly accomplished for no reason, can do things that no other can reasonably do. A Mary-Sue is pretty much perfect in every aspect and has no flaws or weaknesses. Avoid.


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