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Rules: General Forum Rules

Post  Valliard on Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:23 am


General Forum Rules

The below are the general rules of the forum that must be adhered to. Violation of any of the rules will be dealt with by administrators or moderators accordingly. The severity of the rule broken will result in different penalties.

1. Cursing is allowed, but it is to be contained to a mild level and minimal amount. Excessive and unnecessary cursing and swearing is not tolerated.

2. Double-posting is not accepted, unless in a solo thread. Solo threads are for things like in character practice, training or learning. Please wait a minimum of ten minutes between posts if you are in a solo thread. Learning new magic, of course, requires a longer interval. Please try and restrict your solo threads to as few as possible. More information can be found [url=x]here[/url].

3. No form of discrimination is allowed - this includes racial, sexual and religious discrimination.

4. In addition, sexual harassment (or harassment in general) will not be tolerated. If someone is harassing you or making you feel uncomfortable, file a report or send a complaint to a moderator/admin.

5. Do not spam or advertise on our forum. You may post links to images or videos in the OOC section of the forum, but you are not allowed to advertise anywhere on the board unless officially authorised.

6. No flaming in the any section of the forum, in particular the OOC section (or chatbox if implemented). Also, no trolling other members.

7. Keep In Character whilst posting in any section that is not designated to be OOC (News/Updates, Database and Out of Character are OOC sections of the forum). If you need to speak to someone out of character or ask someone something, try to send them a PM if you can.

8. Respect the Administrators, Moderators and other members of the forum.

Remember to have fun. If you are unclear about anything or find yourself in a situation you don't know how to handle, contact a Mod or Admin.


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