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Post  Valliard on Thu Apr 05, 2012 11:56 pm

As mentioned, you may only be in one location at a time, and in two threads in that location. You are able to leave a thread or join a thread at any time.

To travel to a new location, you must make a travel post. There are four (4) travel methods, each with a different cost:

  • Walking (0 Jewels)
  • Carriage(500 Jewels)
  • Train (1000 Jewels)
  • Boat(3000 Jewels)

Walking requires a minimum of 4 paragraphs and one incident along the way. This will also exhaust your character.
Travel by carriage requires 3 paragraphs minimum, and there is less character exhaustion.
Travel by train can only be made by making a post in the train station, and then travelling to another train station. Train travel only requires 2 paragraphs minimum and does not exhaust your character.
Travel by boat only requires 2 paragraphs minimum, and is the only way to travel to certain locations (such as islands).


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