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Weapons - Ranged

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Weapons - Ranged Empty Weapons - Ranged

Post  Valliard on Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:35 am

Various weapons of all shapes and sizes are arrayed neatly around the shop. Browsing through the various racks and stands, certain items catch the eye...


Weapons - Ranged Lothlorien_Bow
Item Name: Whitewood Bow
Item Classification: Bow
Affinity: None.
Ability: Compound bow that fires regular arrows.
Minimum Usage Rank: D
Cost: 1650
Inventory (IV) Space: 3

Weapons - Ranged Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQY2ykXm_S_GBUxyu55vJe76NDn_drfCe-a4x6iqnDYbDVAKTXvJA
Item Name: Falconer's Shoulder
Item Classification: Bow
Affinity: Guns Magic
Ability: The Falconer's Shoulder is a Guns Magic bow, which has a drawstring and arrow in the form of pure guns magic. The rate of fire is very high.
Minimum Usage Rank: B
Cost: 13000
Inventory (IV) Space: 4

Weapons - Ranged Img-thing?
Item Name: Four-corners
Item Classification: Crossbow
Affinity: Chains Magic.
Ability: The Four-corners does not shoot bolts. Instead, the bow is imbued with chains magic, allowing magical chains to be shot forth from the crossbow. The chains have four points on the end, allowing the use of grappling or impaling.
Minimum Usage Rank: A
Cost: 22690
Inventory (IV) Space: 4


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Weapons - Ranged Empty Computer Article

Post  mianmani on Tue Mar 12, 2013 2:48 pm

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