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Guide: Magic and Spells

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Guide: Magic and Spells Empty Guide: Magic and Spells

Post  Valliard on Thu Apr 05, 2012 12:03 pm

This is the forum for magic and spells creation and approval. If you want a certain magic for your character, post it here for approval.

Along with magic, you can also post the spells your character knows. Everyone starts with 5 initial spells. You may only know one spell above your rank, and the rest below it. For example,a D Rank could know 1 C Rank and 4 D Rank. Every time you are awarded a rank, you may learn 1 additional spell.

As well as initial and rank-awarded spells, you can learn one spell every week. This spell must be learnt in the "Spells" forum, and have at least 10 posts at least an hour between each post. Posts must be valid training posts, and adhere to all Roleplay rules.

Currently, you can not buy spells with Jewels. Holder magic users are the only exception. To learn and use a spell, they must have a certain requirement. Ring Magic users, for example, must have purchased a ring that matches the spell they have learnt. This goes for card users and celestial mages. Gun magic users only require at least one gun.


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