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Post  Valliard on Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:16 am

Oddities, curiosities and strange instruments are everywhere. However, in amongst the bizarre and wonderful lie some rather powerful items.


Items - Assorted Charmring
Item Name: Charm Ring
Item Classification: Holder magic Ring.
Affinity: Charm Magic
Ability: The charm magic is a holder magic. When cast, other people are attracted to the caster.
Minimum Usage Rank: D
Cost: 7500
Inventory (IV) Space: 1


Items - Assorted 170px-Episode_108_-_Sleep_Card
Item Name: Sleep Card
Item Classification: Holder magic Card.
Affinity: Sleep Magic.
Ability: The sleep magic is a holder magic. When cast as a single card, the person who views the card falls into a deep sleep.
Minimum Usage Rank: D
Cost: 6300
Inventory (IV) Space: N/A


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