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Information: Rank Information
There are several mage ranks that are available within each guild (and also available to guildless mages). The rank hierarchy, from lowest to highest, is as follows:

Basic Mage: Sometimes referred to as lesser mages. These are the newest mages, and are the lowest in the mage rankings. ('D' Rank)

Cardinal Mage: A mage that has mastered several aspects of magic and has shown a certain level of prowess to be seperated from mere basic mages. Along with basic mages, cardinal mages contribute to the largest number of mages. ('C' Rank)

S-Class Mage: A mage that is exceptional in many areas of their magic. They are usually very strong and/or intelligent, and are more than able to complete the S-class missions. ('B' Rank)

SS-Class Mage: Even more advanced than S-Class is the SS-Class. These mages are at an elite level, with abilities that far outstrip countless other mages. SS-Class can take on SS-Class, 10 year and 100 year quests. ('A' Rank)

Ace: An Ace is the highest tier available to a mage, short of Guildmaster or Wizard Saint. They are the most skilled, powerful and (usually) smart and intelligent of all mages. They are vastly superior to even SS-Class mages, able to overcome almost any obstacle. Note there is usually only a single Ace, however exceptions can always be made... ('S' Rank)

A description of the rank is provided, describing their level of mastery over magic. In brackets afterwards, their Lettered Rank is given. This is an alternate and shorter way of ordering and describing the ranks of the hierarchy.


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