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Installerex offers several features Empty Installerex offers several features

Post  horo on Thu Aug 08, 2013 10:43 am

Installerex offers several features that would benefit your business. The overall look of your installer will be customized depending on your needs including the products offered and the order on how you would like the installation windows to appear on your clients’ screen. It uses smart real time algorithm making it more convenient to monitor system reports. Installers are created to improve the speed of the installation process, as well as ensure the success of installation. With this, you can be certain that your products reach your target audience. Plus, since this is a PPI system, every dollar your spend will be worth it. Installerex gives you a detailed report that will help track the success of your marketing. This includes the number of successful installations, conversion rates, country, existency and more. Since this is cloud-based, real time data can be accessed anytime online. Changes on the installer can also be done immediately with its user friendly user interface. Its distribution channels can help improve your marketing as you can better target your customers base on their operating system, country, preferred content and browser. Adding offers from trusted advertisers and applications is also possible to earn more.
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