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Post  Valliard on Fri Apr 06, 2012 5:32 pm

The park was unnaturally quiet. A small crowd had gathered earlier, but they had gone, following the unexpected arrival of a Magic Council delegation. As the masses flocked to find out what was happening, the park lay almost abandoned. The large cherry blossoms waved gently in the breeze, but apart from the wind they had nobody to share the morning with.

Several different groups entered the park, all within a short timeframe. They made their way to the shadow of the tree, where their business would be less visible. What that business was, nobody could tell. But from the cloak-and-dagger act, it could not possibly be good. Several cases and bags were present, although none were opened or even acknowledged by the group of shady characters. Were they weapons, or jewels, or illegal goods? It was impossible to be certain. Their size grew larger as a few more bundles of hooded figures hurried to the park. Always in twos and threes they came.

And in twos and threes, some of the group began to peel away, leaving the park from different directions to those they arrived. But not all left. There was still a considerable number of the group left. They seemed to skulk around less, and were far more attentive than before. Who they were was still a mystery. So was their purpose. But what was known was that neither of these were pleasant...


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